Free sample pack

We will send you previously printed labels of work that we have already produced. The samples we send are subject to copyright and cannot be used for any other function other than testing in a non-commercial environment. Please note that we send out these free samples via Royal Mail only, so international deliveries are not available.

Due to the cost of sending samples, we limit one set of samples per client. Please ensure you select the correct delivery address during the checkout.

Free label samples

For your own peace of mind!

Free Samples for your own peace of mind

We want you to be completely happy with the labels you receive. It’s physically impossible for us to recommend a perfect material over the phone or email without knowing the exact conditions the labels will be used within, we can only guide you based on our experience. Therefore we ask for all our clients to place an order for samples unless they fully understand how our materials will work. You can then test the suitability yourself and be 100% sure they will work for your given application.

Please note that if you do decide to go ahead with an order without testing our free samples we cannot be held responsible if the material does not work as you intend.

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