Beautiful Café Labels to pique the interest of buyers and patrons

Proper food labelling is so essential, especially when it comes to cafes. And it’s not just a legal requirement for café owners but also a way to guarantee that consumers have the most complete and accurate information on their favourite products.

If you’re a food producer or café owner who always puts their customers first, then investing in the right café labels is not just an investment in your product, but also your brand and business. Quality-focused and visually appealing café labels will always catch you prospective customers’ attention in a way which can easily distinguish your product on store shelves and café tables alike.

At Stickythings, we understand how important it is for cafés to build brand reputation and awareness through quality café labels. We pride ourselves in using the latest design and print technology to produce top-quality café labels, which are downright perfect for your business and branding needs.

Café labels that speak to your customers

For almost a decade, Stickythings has been the premier choice for quality and visually pleasing café labels across the UK. We’ve been supplying the local food and café sector with a range of customised labels, including ready-made and fully bespoke café labels. We can supply a vast array of choices, from multiple shapes and sizes to different materials and adhesives.

All our premium café labels boast superb opacity, whiteness and smoothness, delivered on roughly A4-sized sheet with a waxed coating, which allows for easy peeling. You’ll find that the uncoated café label material features a very smooth finish which prints flawlessly, creating unique designs to help your brand stand out.

Putting a quality label on your products is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your brand more enticing, appealing and professional – get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, or use our easy upload tool to share your design ideas.

Your marketing campaigns will be an even greater success once you use our café labels templates to choose from hundreds of lovely designs or upload your own, so that our expert design team can get to work straight away. Sticky Things Ltd. also lets you order samples with your logo on them at no additional cost – the perfect way to test the print quality, material finish and adhesive for yourself.

Your Café labels are who you are as a brand

Each café label is made from the best-quality, environmentally-friendly and wood-free paper, sourced from the most sustainable and best-managed forests across the UK and EU.

If you wish to submit your own designs and artwork, please follow these steps and you’ll receive your label order within a few days! The only exception is when we’re having extra-busy seasons; even then you will have timely delivery of your café labels as we send all orders through DPD.

Try our Free Samples

We advise that if you are not sure of what label material to order, then please use our free sample service. We cannot be held responsible for material that does not work as expected. Whilst we try to be as descriptive as possible on the website there are so many different variables, we simply cannot account for everything.

You can order samples that have our logo on them free of charge, with them you can test adhesive, see material finish and print quality.

Alternatively you can order a minimum order to get a hard copy sample. Our lowest order is just 1 label.

Since 2013, we’ve produced 48,588 orders for clients across all industries, who come back to us time and time again.

With over 27481 happy repeat customers and counting since 2013, you can be sure that you are working with a trustworthy company.

  • Material

    Material Description

    Paper Labels

    Our Paper Labels – Custom Printed are made from an uncoated environmentally friendly wood-free paper, sourced from sustainable & managed forests across Europe.

    With excellent whiteness, opacity and smoothness, your printed square stickers will look fantastic. Our premium paper labels are supplied on roughly sized A4 sheets and can be peeled easily.

    Click on the images to see a closer and more detailed view of these quality labels. If you would like to submit your own artwork, please read our artwork instructions located in the help menu.

    The uncoated label material has a smooth finish which prints beautifully, creating designs that stand out. The bright white surface can be written on using a ball point pen, ideal for batch numbers.

    The backing sheet is a kraft liner with a wax coating to enable you to peel your labels off with no troubles.

  • Adhesives

    We have 2 adhesive options available for you in our premium paper range.

    The permanent adhesive is used when you do not require the label to be removed shortly after application. This is a strong adhesive and is designed to stick for long periods of time. These permanent labels are mainly used for labelling products, used as logo labels or lapel labels for charities.

    The removable adhesive is used for temporary labelling applications only as the adhesive is designed to be easily removable and by no means long term. Usually these are applied to book and magazine covers as promotions as they do not leave any residue when removed (for up to 6 months).

    The removable adhesive is not suitable for sticking or sealing items or labelling products as it’s not strong enough.

    The removable adhesive is for short term use on smooth surfaces only, such as for a promotional book label or similar kind of sale label.

    Approved for direct food contact with dry and moist non-fatty foods. The adhesive conforms to the EN71-3 (Toy Safety) & Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations.

  • Specifications

    • White, high bulk, woodfree, filled, uncoated 70gsm.
    • pH Neutral ‘acid free’ paper and adhesive
    • Excellent whiteness, opacity and smoothness for its paper type.
    • Minimum application temperature: +5°C
    • Temperature range: -20°C to +100°C
    • Chill grade – ideal for chilled food labelling

    Laminate Information

    • Thickness: 170 mic Weight: 160 gsm


    • White high density kraft paper with excellent lay flat properties
  • Turnaround

    Once you approve the PDF proof we send you via the email address you registered, we’ll aim to print and dispatch your custom paper label order within 48 hours, unless otherwise stated on our homepage during busy periods. We send out all orders via DPD so that you can rest assured your delivery is on time. On the day of your delivery you will receive a text notification to your mobile phone and also an email that will notify you of your 1 hour delivery window. This is without doubt the best tracking service that we have ever used. We also ship worldwide, the cost of your international delivery will be calculated at the checkout.

  • Delivery

    We dispatch all UK mainland orders on a next-day delivery service from the moment they have been produced. If you supply us with an email and mobile number, our courier will try to email you and send a text message with the appropriate pre-delivery notification data.

  • Extra Information

    Paper Labels, what are they good for?

    In short, premium paper labels are good for almost every labelling requirement except where water resistance is required. Think office, warehouse, retail establishment, the list goes on and on. You’d be surprised how many paper labels pass you by everyday, you’d be hard pressed to not see a paper label during your working day. Here at Stickythings Ltd we look out for labels all day long, checking designs, quality, finishes and nearly every other aspect. Looking for ways to provide a better label experience for you. We’ve been labelled geeks before, excuse the pun!

    Why use our premium labels

    Our premium paper labels are printed using very expensive and highly calibrated industrial printing presses. We have invested tens of thousands of pounds in the equipment to bring you a speedy & quality service. The resolution you will receive on your labels is far better than you would obtain on a home printer giving you the professional results you desire.

    Many people choose to print their own labels in-house, you can choose to do this yourselves but we would advise that you weigh up all the costs involved beforehand. As we are setup to print paper labels all day long we drive the costs down for both materials, consumables and labour. On a typical day we produce many thousands of paper labels at very low unit costs.

    You will need to take in the following costs when accounting for your home-made printed labels. First you will need to cost in the label printer and also the label material and shipping charges for purchasing these. Then the consumables that the printer requires, whether it is ink or toner. You will also need to cost in the labour charge for the time printing the labels. You will probably find that by the time you have completed these costings it works out far more cost effective for your staff to be concentrating on your core business and let us do the professional printing for you.


    Whether you’re an IT professional creating asset labels for your computer equipment or a chef creating delicious cupcakes to sell in your local supermarkets, you’ll need a label somewhere along the lines. These premium paper labels are the most cost effective label that we produce here at Stickythings Ltd, making them extremely handy for small and start-up businesses.

    Handy selection of cost effective labels

    We have made available a selection of handy label sizes for you to choose from. You’ll find our whole catalogue of sticky labels can be customised and ordered online instantly with a few clicks of a mouse, making it easy to order for even for the most inexperienced of internet users.

    Reprints made easy

    If you require another batch of paper labels printed, you do not need to worry about trying to find that bit of artwork you saved a few months back. We save all print files on our secure servers so all you need to do is provide us with your previous order number, we’ll do the rest.


25mm Diameter, 30mm Diameter, 35mm Diameter, 40mm Diameter, 45mm Diameter, 49mm Diameter, 51mm Diameter, 57mm Diameter, 57mm Diameter, 62mm Diameter, 64mm Diameter, 69mm Diameter, 76mm Diameter, 80mm Diameter, 88mm Diameter, 112mm Diameter, 135mm Diameter, 139.5mm Diameter, 12mm Square, 25mm Square, 31mm Square, 33mm Square, 37mm Square, 40mm Square, 51mm Square, 60mm Square, 90mm Square, 16mm x 12mm Oval, 25mm x 12mm Oval, 40mm x 20mm Oval, 40mm x 30mm Oval, 47mm x 64mm Oval, 50mm x 37mm Oval, 60mm x 49mm Oval, 70mm x 90mm Oval, 90mm x 136mm Oval, 16mm x 10mm Rectangular, 16mm x 50mm Rectangular, 19mm x 68mm Rectangular, 20mm x 65mm Rectangular, 22mm x 16mm Rectangular, 22mm x 31mm Rectangular, 25mm x 76mm Rectangular, 30mm x 52mm Rectangular, 30mm x 54mm Rectangular, 32mm x 10mm Rectangular, 34mm x 64mm Rectangular, 35mm x 16mm Rectangular, 35mm x 40mm Rectangular, 36mm x 125mm Rectangular, 37mm x 16mm Rectangular, 37mm x 51mm Rectangular, 37mm x 76mm Rectangular, 40mm x 20mm Rectangular, 40mm x 30mm Rectangular, 44mm x 13mm Rectangular, 44mm x 25mm Rectangular, 44mm x 80mm Rectangular, 45mm x 12mm Rectangular, 47mm x 15mm Rectangular, 47mm x 54mm Rectangular, 53mm x 118mm Rectangular, 54mm x 22mm Rectangular, 54mm x 37mm Rectangular, 54mm x 44mm Rectangular, 54mm x 63mm Rectangular, 55mm x 130mm Rectangular, 58mm x 16mm Rectangular, 59mm x 88mm Rectangular, 60mm x 17mm Rectangular, 60mm x 30mm Rectangular, 60mm x 40mm Rectangular, 60mm x 130mm Rectangular, 62mm x 33mm Rectangular, 63mm x 51mm Rectangular, 63mm x 68mm Rectangular, 63mm x 88mm Rectangular, 68mm x 111mm Rectangular, 75mm x 37mm Rectangular, 75mm x 43mm Rectangular, 75mm x 80mm Rectangular, 75mm x 110mm Rectangular, 76mm x 51mm Rectangular, 77mm x 62mm Rectangular, 80mm x 45mm Rectangular, 80mm x 51mm Rectangular, 80mm x 67mm Rectangular, 89mm x 41mm Rectangular, 90mm x 14mm Rectangular, 90mm x 53mm Rectangular, 91mm x 30mm Rectangular, 92mm x 32mm Rectangular, 92mm x 41mm Rectangular, 92mm x 51mm Rectangular, 92mm x 67mm Rectangular, 92mm x 137mm Rectangular, 94mm x 140mm Rectangular, 96mm x 33mm Rectangular, 96mm x 45mm Rectangular, 96mm x 51mm Rectangular, 96mm x 68mm Rectangular, 96mm x 92mm Rectangular, 148mm x 20mm Rectangular, 190mm x 18mm Rectangular, 190mm x 30mm Rectangular, 190mm x 50mm Rectangular, 190mm x 137mm Rectangular, 190mm x 235mm Rectangular, 190mm x 275mm Rectangular, 195mm x 50mm Rectangular, 195mm x 139mm Rectangular, 195mm x 281mm Rectangular