Durable Laminated Waterproof Labels

Custom printed with your own artwork

We produce quality laminated labels & stickers for both business and home users. Our durable laminated labels are supplied on sheets with a glossy or matt finish. These laminated labels are available with either a permanent or extra permanent adhesive.

Being the most durable multi-purpose label we produce, they are printed using eco-solvent inks that will not smudge when wet and are UV resistant for many years. With the added gloss or matt laminate coating, these labels are resistant to the most demanding of environments where abrasion, UV or weather is at it's worst.

Used in many extreme sports environments such as motocross, jet-ski, snowboarding and surfing, these labels withstand a battering. We have made available a vast selection that are available to purchase instantly online. The best part, all laminated material is in stock and your labels will be produced and dispatched within 48-72 hours of your proof approval. To place an order or to view prices, select a shape from the selection below. Read More...

Design Online | Upload your Artwork | Email your Artwork....the choice is yours!
We have provided you with a single one-stop-shopping facility for your durable laminated labels, simply select a shape from the options below to get started.

Absolutely No Risk

It's time to relax, your order will be processed by our professional staff, who each have many years of print industry experience. Your order is very important to both you and us, so we treat it with the respect it deserves. If you are not entirely happy with your order, we promise to reprint it asap or give you a full refund.

Experienced Professionals

In the past few years, our staff have produced more than 7,000 individual label orders for over 5,000 clients. With a return rate of less then 0.1% for all orders. These figures alone show the dedication and quality of our work. We have wisely invested in high-end printing presses to cater for all printing requirements.

Great Service

100% based in the UK, our sales staff will help you through your order if necessary. Our friendly team will take your order over the phone if you prefer, or via email. If you have any queries relating to an order, we can answer them straight away. Once you receive your order, we invite you to write a short review of your purchase which eventually gets displayed publicly on our website.

Environmentally Concience

Everyone has a duty to preserve the environment. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle all waste and printing consumables. The inks that we use have been made as environmentally friendly as possible and ink waste is disposed of using environmentally safe processes.

100 micron Vinyl with 70 micron Over-Laminate

Our laminated labels are very tough and suitable for demanding environments. With the ink sandwiched between a 100 micron waterproof vinyl and a 70 micron resistant coating it's difficult for anything to penetrate during normal use. If you're looking for a label that is super strong and will last many years, look no further!

Artwork Setup

When designing your waterproof labels, please feel free to add whatever colour you choose. From Pantone colours to solid and tinted colours, we support all CMYK colour formats. You may want to add a solid background colour, this is no problem, just remember to supply the artwork with 2mm of bleed around the edges of the design.


Our durable laminated labels come with a choice of adhesives. We have a permanent adhesive suitable for all smooth metal, glass and plastic surfaces which will stay strongly applied but it can be removed fairly easily just after application. We also have an extra permanent adhesive for sticking to ABS plastics and other low energy surfaces such as powder coated metals and alike. This is the choice for extreme sports equipment labels and for labels that will be placed in extreme environments.

Fast Turnaround

Our service is amongst the very best. We proof your design via email within a few hours of your order. The proof you receive has been checked for errors by our experienced pre-press staff and is ready to hit the press. As soon as you approve your electronic PDF proof, the countdown has started. We will print, trim and pack your order for delivery within 48 hours subject to the current workload.

Next Day Delivery Service

Once your label order has been printed and packed up, our courier will collect it from us and it will be booked in for next day delivery (excluding weekends and holidays). Somebody will need to be in to sign for the parcel as our courier cannot leave it without an authorised signature at the address stated. If you require, you can have it delivered to your work address, simply fill in the correct delivery address within the online checkout. Be sure to add your correct phone number and email address as this is used by the courier when delivering your parcel.

Track your order

Once you place an order with us online, you will receive your order number. You can login to your account on our website and check the status of your order anytime. When we update the status of your order, you will be notified via email. When your order is complete and dispatched, you will receive a tracking number from the courier. You can then login to their website to track your order through the couriers network.

Express Service

If you require your labels in a hurry / immediately in most cases, we may be able to help you. Please call or email us to see when your can receive your labels at the earliest. Obviously make sure that you have artwork ready to print before you call as we will need to start the process quickly to get your order dispatched.

Size & Bleed

Always set your artwork up at the correct size, it makes it easier for everyone involved. If any of your design bleeds of the edge of the label, ensure you add at least 2mm on artwork extra on each edge of the label.

Colour Mode

We print in a CMYK mode. This means that all colours you see on screen can be achieved on the printed sheet. If you are designing your labels using RGB mode you will notice a slight colour shift in your printed labels when finally printed. This is because many colours in the RGB mode are not within the CMYK colour gamut. We convert your artwork to CMYK upon receipt if it has not already been done.


We advise you to set your resolution to a minimum of 350dpi at actual size. This ensures that all text and graphics when printed are legible. We will usually let you know if we feel that a design will not be legible before we go to print. This is however your own responsibility as we cannot always tell from the artwork file.

CMYK 100% Black

When setting up black text, always use the CMYK colour mode as discussed earlier. You will need to ensure all text is made from 100% Black only and not a mix of RGB or CMYK colours. We can not be held responsible if your artwork is set-up incorrectly and text doesn't print as crisp as it possibly could do. We provide these artwork guides to ensure you get the best possible print. Feel free to discuss any artwork requirements with us.

Laminated Durable Labels

A label which is tough, strong and looks great; it’s the ideal type of sticker. Laminated durable labels are one of the most resilient types of sticker, suitable for use in environments which wouldn’t be amenable to most traditional labels. We like to think of ourselves as the leading experts in stickers and labels, and pride ourselves on knowing what our customers want. We believe these laminated durable labels offer unbeatable value and can deliver a high quality in an almost limitless number of applications. Here are a few suggestions about how you might want to use the laminated durable labels to get the most use.


There are lots of occasions when you might want to label your equipment; perhaps you’re in a school or a team and want to make sure that your kit doesn’t get mixed up with others. However, putting stickers on sporting goods can be tricky at the best of times as labels have a habit of simply sliding off, or being rubbed off due to the environment they’re presented in. Laminated durable labels can change all of that as they’re able to withstand the elements, including moisture and high temperatures. This means that even if the equipment gets wet, the label will stay firm, and won’t run or blur. The other benefit is that these types of labels are UV resistant which stops them from fading in the sun, or yellowing with long term use.

Food storage

This can be one of the more problematic areas: identifying what’s in the freezer and how long it’s been there can be an issue for even the most organised of kitchen gurus. A way to keep everything labelled in the freezer, laminated durable labels provide a solution. Able to easily shrug off the freezing conditions, these labels can be used in the freezer and will remain legible for as long as you want. These incredibly robust qualities are a huge boost and mean that you can take advantage to organise your kitchen and freezer. You won’t need to worry about labels falling off or failing to stick; laminated labels have a super-strong adhesive that will grab onto the surface and stay there. It’s not just the cold that these types of labels can endure either; even in a warm and steamy kitchen they will still remain stuck fast. This allows them to be used in other rooms in the home, such as the bathroom where the temperature may fluctuate.

Cable tidy

Although not subjected to extreme temperatures, keeping cables labelled and tidy can be a difficult task, with stickers often falling off or getting transferred from one wire to another. Laminated labels can be attached to the right cables, and will remain stuck on tight no matter what, allowing you to follow each lead as you need to, and stopping an untidy clump from developing.

Laboratory conditions

The strength and versatility of our laminated durable labels is so good that they’re even suitable for use in most laboratory conditions.With the ability to stick tight to bottles, jars and other containers, there’s reduced risk of confusion after application, or labels being mixed up. They won’t peel off under most lab conditions or rub off if splashed with most chemicals. In these kinds of environments, it’s essential to be able to label each container and trust that there won’t be contamination or errors. Because laminated labels are so tough, they’re perfect for use in almost all these critical conditions.

If you have a specific test or you are unsure if our labels will work for you, why not order some free material samples to test the durability for yourself. We cannot guarantee suitability under laboratory conditions as there are so many chemicals within this industry that haven't been tested on our labels yet.


Our laminated labels are made from a very tough substance; but we also have a range of other specialist materials which you can order any of our labels in. And what’s more you can customise your label entirely by using our easy online designer tool. Why not take a look around and see what kind of labels would help your business?

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